Latest Windows 10+ version allows the user to change theme between Light/Dark. Also runs on Xbox but less Cast/Share/Alarms feature.

iOS version has been removed from the app store, this is until i get round to updating it.

New Windows 10/11 in the Windows store that should fix the Dropbox function.

Updated Windows 8.1 in the store with new 14 default stations, theses stations are listed on the station changes section below.

Dropbox functionality is not working, due to improvements made by Dropbox themselves. Currently, working on fixing this platform by platform.

Windows 8.1 version updated - new features include the ability to play music via another device using the PlayTo feature.

Its an Internet Radio Player originally aimed at New Age music fans, hence the default 16 new age stations. However, you can delete these 16 stations and add whatever stations you like either manually (all platforms) or import .pls/.m3u playlists in (currently only works on android or windows RT/windows desktop.) Furthermore, if you have multiple devices and a Dropbox account, you can take your existing stations from one device, by uploading them to your Dropbox account, then download them to another device from the same Dropbox account.

If running this app on WP8.1, if a non-shoutcast station does not work, I suggest trying without the (ns) in the name. e.g. from test(ns) to test.

Please note New Age Player only supports http urls and not mms/rtsp.

To Windows Phone 8 users whom are also developers on that platform with the same device, you will not be told when there is an update, if you switch dev mode off for the phone you will see updates.

Note to windows users - if you have any problems, please contact me direct through this website, as I cannot respond to reviews via the store.

Note to windows phone 8 users, if a station url doesn't seem to work, edit the station name and add (ns) e.g. My Station (ns), and then try playing it again.

Shoutcast song data available on all platforms - in regards to those using windows desktop/surface/android 4.4, please make sure your station url doesn't end '/' or '/;'.Otherwise you will get back irrelevant html being displayed.

Platform Change Theme (Dark/Light) Edit/Delete Favourites Share Favourites Import Playlist (.pls/.m3u) PlayTo(Win8.1)/Cast(Win10+)/Airplay(iOS) Dropbox Alarm Background Audio Stream Type Supported* Audio Stream Format Supported
iOS13+ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - Airplay Yes Yes Yes I,S,NS MP3,AAC
Win 8.1/10/11/Xbox Yes Yes Yes, No - Xbox Yes Yes - Win8.1(Playto)/Win10+(Cast),No-Xbox Yes No - Xbox, Yes - Win10/Win11 Yes + MC I,S,NS MP3,AAC
WP8/10 No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes + UVC I,S,NS MP3,AAC
Android/Kindle v1 - No, v2 - Yes (Android 10+) Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes I,S,NS MP3,AAC

I = Icecast, S = Shoutcast, NS = other, MC = Media Controls on WinRT, UVC = Universal Controls on WP8

WinRT additional note - will stop playing when receiving a Skype call, and resume play after call ended. Also you can control media playback via a keyboard with the media keys.

I suggest using the Dropbox functionality over a wifi connection when using a phone/tablet, or wifi or ethernet on a windows desktop.

To use this functionality you need to create a Dropbox account. Once created you can use the Dropbox screen in the app no matter which platform, you will however have to give permission to my app to create a folder under your account.With the Dropbox screen you can backup your station data before doing any version upgrades of New Age Player, transfer your station settings from one device to another, can be on the same platform or any other platform. Plus if your Dropbox account is shared with other people you know you can upload to your Dropbox account and share your stations with them, if they have a copy of New Age player to download into.

  1. iTunes - has Internet Radio listings. To get the stream info - play a station stream, whilst playing in the top middle screen where station info is displayed, right click, and select get info. This will list the stream info for the current station. Please note if it the url ends .pls/.m3u you will have to load it in through the import playlist section of the app.
  2. Shoutcast - includes playlist files
  3. Internet Radio
  4. Radio Tower
  5. Streema
  6. Streaming Directory - AAC Format - includes playlist files

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