New Windows 10 version with Casting avaliable on Windows Store

Updated Windows 8.1 version available on the Windows Store

Windows 8.1 version updated - new features include the ability to change the pitch or rate of the chosen voice, plus the ability to speak via another device using the PlayTo feature.

New version available for Windows Phone 8.1 - see the store on your Windows Phone - new features are the ability to save to audio file/share with friends/family/change pitch or speed of the chosen voice.

Basically it is a Text-to-speech application. When we mean text-to-speech, we mean you type in some text or copy and paste it from another application such as a web browser, into Robot Talk's text area. Next, you will click a button possibly labelled 'Speak', and your device will play back the text as speech, just as if somebody was reading it back to you.

The android version has the most functionality, such as save files as alarm/notification sounds, email or mms to friends/family, as well as upload them to Dropbox.

Please note: Robot Talk only uses your existing installed text to speech voices on your device.

android google tts voices update info -

Platform Save Feature Share Feature Play Feature PlayTo(Win8)/Cast(Win10+) Feature Dropbox Feature Change Voice Change Voice Pitch Change Voice Speed Change Voice Range Change Voice Volume
iOS7/iOS8 No No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Win8.1/Win10/Win11 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
WP8.1/WP10 Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No No
WP8 No No Yes No No Yes No No No No
Android/Kindle Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No


    Android app on Google Play