Windows 8.1/10/11

Latest Windows 8.1 versions shows figures for number of stations/favourites on the respective button on the main screen.

New versions on the app store for both Windows 8.1 or Windows 10+.Windows 10+ version has a working Dropbox, and new Casting which replaces the old Windows 8.1 Play

Dropbox not working in Windows 8.1 there is a workaround, but requires the latest chrome/firefox/edge browser, plus Fiddler Classic setup to intercept https trafffic for this app(using the Winconfig option - select New Age player from the list, plus installing the fiddler cert to the machines root cert location), and decrypt it using the client tls1.2 option (see Tools,Options then https tab). Leave Fiddler running , whilst using the Dropbox part of New Age Player.

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On windows 10, to access App settings/share an internet radio station, you need to click on the top left list icon.

Recommend backing up your station data frequently using the Dropbox feature, just in case it becomes corrupt.If it comes corrupt then your app will currently crash on startup, in this case I suggest the best course of action is to uninstall and reinstall the app. This will re-generate a new set of default data, and if you have backed up your data on Dropbox, you can go and download it again

Current version on the Windows Store is

Note if installing from windows store to Windows 8.1, that you may not see New Age Player on the start screen, however on your start menu it will appear under the group labelled 'Modern UI Applications'. Also on the start screen if you goto the bottom left corner of the start screen, a downward arrow will appear. Click on the arrow and a full list of all installed apps will appear. Next find 'New Age Player', right click on it, and an options menu will appear, with the option to pin the app to the start screen.

Playto - to view more info on howto use a device with playto please go here

Casting - casting allows you to send the audio to another device such as a bluetooth speaker. The cast button in the app will list any capable device to send the audio to.
To add a new device you need to goto Settings, followed by the devices option. To send to a bluetooth speaker for example you need to turn the bluetooth option on.
Plus you can add a new bluetooth or other device via the add button. Also on the devices screen, you should see a list of all your other devices.
I got the bluetooth working with a various Bluetooth devices new/old. Was unable to Cast to a Smart TV.

To import a .pls/.m3u playlist from the internet:

  • On the main screen, click on the button labelled 'Import Playlist'
  • Once the Import Playlist screen is loaded, then manually type in the name of the station.
  • next move to the url field, and type in the full web address of the pls/m3u playlist to import.
  • next click OK button to import.
  • if successful you will get a message telling you the station data was added.
  • next click the cancel to return to the main screen - Internet Radio.

To play the imported station.

  • On the main screen, click on the button labelled 'Stations'
  • On the stations list, find the imported station.
  • Double-click it to play.
  • If autoplay is selected, then the station will load on the main screan and play straight away.

  1. Can now send your favourite station to an dlna-enabled device such as a hi-fi system/av amplifier/tv via the playto(win 8.1)/casting(win 10/11) feature
  2. Also added an edit option on the Favourites screen.
  3. Supports both MP3/AAC Shoutcast streams, and includes song info where provided.
  4. New improved User Interface with graphics
  5. App will continue playing music in the background
  6. Can control the volume/play/pause of the player screen, from the media keys on your hardware/software keyboard
  7. Import .pls/.m3u playlists through the new Import Playlist screen
  8. Can share your favourite internet radio stations with friends/family, via the share button

To load stations from shoutcast:

  • using Opera Mobile browse go to (only on first visit)
  • select default media player and relevant bandwidth option and select save settings
  • goto main shoutcast select a genre.
  • click on the play button next to a station.
  • this will bring up a complete action dialog - select opera mobile.
  • next you will get a download file dialog - select a folder in the dropdown and click save.
  • once download complete, click on the open button and select New Age Player in the open file dialog.
  • this will then open New Age Player, and add the station info to the existing presets list.

Note that you may see duplicate station names but this is because some stations broadcast of multiple urls, and they list them all in the .pls, because they have a max number of listeners per url.

Should also work with the following sites as they provide .pls files (but must do settings on shoutcast first)

Main screen

Main screen (Windows 8.1)

Dropbox screen

Dropbox screen (Windows 8.1)

Stations screen

Stations screen (Windows 8.1)

Add/Edit station screen

Add/Edit station screen (Windows 8.1)

Import Playlist screen

Import Playlist screen (Windows 8.1)

Share Favourites button on Favourites screen

Share Favourites button on Favourites screen (Windows 8.1)

Share Charm with email message ready

Share Charm with email message ready (Windows 8.1)

Favourites screen

Favourites screen (Windows 8.1)

Media Controls screen

Media Controls screen (Windows 8.1)

Main screen (Windows 10/11)

Main screen (Windows 10/11)

Dropbox screen

Dropbox screen (Windows 10/11)

Import Playlist screen

Import Playlist screen (Windows 10)

Favourites screen

Favourites screen (Windows 10/11)

Stations screen

Stations screen (Windows 10/11)

Add/Edit station screen

Add/Edit station screen (Windows 10/11)